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March 22, 2013
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LDR: Damian Monroe by Pinkuchama LDR: Damian Monroe by Pinkuchama
:iconluna-della-rosa: APPLY FOR ALL THE HM GROUPS :iconallthethingsplz:

I WAS ACCEPTED OH MY GOSH THANK YOU :iconsawbplz: feel free to ask for an rp! ^ 7 ^

Damian Monroe

❀Age: 22
years old


Fall 29


Hair Stylist

❀Favourite Gift(s)
"Wow [___] this is so beautiful! It's for me? This is my favourite, I thank you from the bottom of my heart."
Casablanca bouquet and Snow Perfume

"A gift for me? How lovely thank you for this."
- Flowers
- Gems
- Food of any kind
- Tea leaves
- Butterflies

"Ah for me?.. Thank you I guess.. It's the thought that counts right?"

- Garbage
- Ore
- Insects
- weeds


| Vain | Honest | Creative | Mischievous | Cunning | Flirt |

Vain. So so vain. He cares so much about his appearance it seems crazy at times. When not concerned about his own appearance he's worried about the hair of his customers. He's always giving out honest opinions on how they should change for the better, and can be creative even outside of work. He's known for being quite a prankster when he was young, and is very clever when it comes to pranks despite his age. When not doing the usual work you can find him flirting with girls in town (and failing miserably //PUNCHED).


Damian was born outside of Luna Della Rosa, His parents and sibling all lived with him in a small cozy cottage. He was usually surrounded by nature and plants. Ever since he was young he had a fascination for nice looking objects, especially flowers. His mother would teach him about beauty since he seemed so interested in it. His father wasn't too fond of this idea, he wanted his boy to do more manly activities. Damian would just want to learn more and more about beauty, he began reading through his mothers magazines; hair, clothes, jewellery, you name it. There wasn't much else to do in such a rural area, so he had no other option of fun.

As he grew older his interest became more focused in hair styling. His mother highly encouraged him to follow his dreams, while his father continued to hold him back. "Be a man, find something else" he would say. Damian was sure of his decision though, he was going to make people beautiful by styling their hair. He had decided he would move to a new town to pursue his dream.

This was a difficult task,

His family was not the wealthiest, so getting there was troublesome. They traveled to different towns in search for a place Damian could stay. Rejection after rejection they kept going on. Until they came across the town of Luna Della Rosa.

This place was different than the rest, he could feel it. This was it, the place where he could work as what he wanted to be.

They stayed there for a few months, he worked hard and styled quite a few people. His parents watched him from time to time, seeing how he would work with the customers. His father was impressed.

The boy did have talent, and he kept trying even if he held him back,

After those months went by his family decided it was time to go back home. Damian however protested saying they couldn't leave. Their last day in town his father approached him

"Son.. I'm sorry for holding you back, I've burdened you since the beginning. You stay here, and work hard."

And just like that his family left. He wasn't sure what to do at first, be happy his father apologized or be sad they left. Either way he was certain he understood what his father meant. He was going to work hard, he'd be a good stylist, the best one even. Maybe he'd make some friends and have some fun, his life always seemed boring to him but now,

He plans to change that.

Heterosexual (or so he thinks)

Damian has always had a strong interest in females, he wouldn't mind a change but would prefer to stick to what he likes which is the ladies //KICKED



❀ RP Style:
I prefer skype or notes, I am really shy in skype so i forgive in advance if I don't speak first ^^ ;; I prefer to rp in lit style, but I am honestly up for anything. I will be in chat, occasionally, but notes and skype are most comfortable.

❀Quotes :

(these were just for fun! ^ 7 ^)

Greeting (Standard)
"Ah Hello [__]. Having a good day? Be sure to come to me if you need your hair to be fixed."

"Weather's bad today huh? It's not ugly, just too dangerous for your hair- It could get frizzy or something you know."

Outside of work
"This town is a nice place isn't it? So calm but beautiful, pretty different from any other place."

"Ah hey [__] here to get your hair do- wait is that for me? You remembered my birthday? How thoughtful of you Thanks!"


- When not working he'll be studying the flora around town
- Likes to collect gems and keeps them in his pouch
- Really likes to eat (please don't give him any he'll get fat)//KICKED
- Enjoys any weather as long as his hair doesn't get damaged
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